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Millstone Grit – Wood Engraving

Around the Derbyshire edge of Sheffield there are several places where millstones were quarried and made. This is an early attempt to capture the atmosphere of one of these now wild places, once busy industrial sites, now a home only … Continue reading

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Favourite piece of Art? The Chamber Idyll – Edward Calvert

Prompted by JamesRoyMoore’s post on his favourite painting, I’ve spent some time musing on what mine might be. A tricky one this – as like albums, a choice can vary from day to day,or even minute to minute depending on … Continue reading

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The foxglove – first a wood engraving I did about twenty years ago, when I seemed to have time to do this sort of thing! Foxgloves are beatuful plants with mythological connections. This from… Oxford Dictionary of English Folklore: In … Continue reading

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A General History of Quadrupeds

First published in 1790, Thomas Bewick’s Quadrupeds was the first real effort at a quality illustrated book, pioneering engravings on end-grain boxwood as opposed to the rather more slapdash woodcuts done on side-grain. The difference in quality is staggering, and … Continue reading

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