The Warm(est) Robot – Jen Olive

It’s a mystery sometimes how some artists achieve success, whilst others languish on the fringes of our awareness. Some are promoted from a state unworthiness to global media domination, as this who deserve our attention struggle to be heard despite their brilliance. Where this is all going is obvious – Jen Olive falls (sadly IMHO) in the latter category when her music could so easily be coming through a radio speaker near you even at this moment, her videos playing on your TV, a live appearance on the (by now) deeply unimaginative “Later”.
So – if you haven’t heard Jen’s music what are you missing?
Hard to sum up really, a gorgeous voice, often layered up with smart harmonies, counterpoint, intriguing guitar playing (like no-other I’m aware of – recently heard her compared to Joni Mitchell – likewise gifted in the unusual tuning department), smart arrangements assembled by Jen herself and a range of musicians including Stu Rowe and Andy Partridge.
Smart songs jostle for your attention, heartfelt heartbreakers (Claustrophobe, Black Sunday) mixing with witty and occasionally off-the-wall observations (So Funny, Cake). Not a clunker on either of her two (UK) releases so far (and one EP), just one delightful song after another. I challenge you to listen to the title track of “The Breaks” and not agree with me! A thing of beauty indeed.
So – I urge you dear reader to check out Jen’s stuff, available on Bandcamp here.
Failing this visit this APE page to learn a bit more about her background.

More of her music on her youtube channel – olivevision and her website here.

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