The Bottom End – Phil Murray

One of the finest exponents of the acoustic bass guitar – seen above with the Tom Mcconville band – Phil’s style is characterised by rhythmically driving melodic lines, underpinning tunes with harmonies, counterpoint and occasional chording.
One of the pool of fine musicians from the North-East who comprised Lindisfarne, Jack the Lad, Hedgehog Pie and The Doonans, you can find more on his career here.

The man himself back in the day (right) with some mad lash-up bass?

The man himself back in the day (right) in Hegehog Pie with some mad lash-up bass?

The same bass -different band – jack the Lad on some ghastly 70’s show with a song from Rough Diamonds.
Phil also used a Fender Precision to great effect, best heard on Oakey Strike Evictions, opening track on The Old Straight Track – a terrific record which stands as one of the very best British Folk-rock albums.
Some rare staff on Jack the Lad here.
My favourite Murray bass parts are still the two tracks where he accompanies the great John Doonan on his (tragically unobtainable) Flute for the Feis (Leader LEA 2043) 1972.
Do a bit of googling and you might be lucky to find a download – it’s a beautiful recording as JD has a stately pace with the tunes, letting them breath and swing, rather than taking them at the breakneck pace of so many younger musicians.
The man today(isn)

The man today(isn)

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