London, You’re Beautiful – David Gentleman

What a gorgeous little book! Was looking for this in Waterstone’s after seeing a few reproductions in a Guardian article, expecting a large coffee table format. No! What you get is a pocket size paperback, perfect for carrying around in the metropolis (if you feel inclined to do so) and refer to in order to assess how accurately Mr Gentleman has captured his (very) varied subjects.
Working in a variety of media, from pencil, through marker pen, dipping pen and watercolour, he has captured a beauty in the capital that perhaps only a true artist can see, leaving the rest of us to view things with fresh eyes. He tackles the complex – huge sweeping vistas from hilltops – to the intimate – portraits of individual people and things. His style varies from a rough almost naive sketchiness, (some of the monochrome pencil work) to a highly sophisticatedly skilful rendering of texture and colour in some of the capitals finest buildings, or even just atmospheric little corners. This is a little jewel of a book, travelling through the year, month by month, giving an airing to some of the less considered parts of the capital. If you are at all interested in the city, or urban sketching, I’d urge you to seek it out!
Here are a variety of images, sourced from the web…

Evening Camden Town – atmosphere or what!

And here’s a little film of the man himself! Charming!

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