Mystery Garden – Westleton

Following on from the post on Shingle Street and the shell line on the beach, rummaging through the digital film roll I found these images I took whilst dog walking along a shady track. Either side was dotted with quirky and unusual artefacts, sculptural objects and spaces. The dappled light, diffused through the tree canopy created an ethereal and highly atmospheric mood, especially early in the morning.This was a mysterious and enigmatic spot – a genuine curiosity!
Turns out it’s not unknown of course. Here’s some of the text from an article in Suffolk Magazine.

Containing a cross made from the girders of one of New York’s twin towers, a piece of the Berlin Wall, parts of a lift and countless masks and objets d’art, the garden at the Barn, Westleton, is certainly out of the ordinary.
Wandering around this curious woodland plot can be like stumbling onto the set of a children’s adventure film. It’s a garden of compartments so (using a little imagination) you step from what might be an African tribal quarter into a mini gladiatorial arena. For little ones immersed in Harry Potter, it must be a wonderful place to explore and I can see it has some magical allure for grown ups too, particularly early or late on a summer’s day.

Read more here.

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