Dr. Feelgood – live on The Geordie Scene – 1975

Just received “Dr Feelgood -All Through The City (with Wilko 1974-77)” and it looks a pretty promising collection.
The first four official albums (with Sneakin’ Suspicion on digital for the first time I suspect), with an additional CD of rare and (for once genuinely) unreleased tracks, from early demos, duets with the late great Mick Green of The Pirates and studio outtakes, excellent valus for money even without the DVD of live performances.
First up on the DVD however is the proustian moment for me, the first time I ever clapped eyes on this lot, on a peculiar show aired up north called The Geordie Scene. Featuring one live band a Jimmy Savile wannabee and a bunch of gyrating teens (look at the tank-tops, marvel at the massive collars, be amazed at the flares) – a bit like Top of the Pops meets Later with Jools. At the time, music on tv was Whistle test with Bob Harris (nice man – sure) having lengthy interviews with Terry Reid or live sessions with proggers like PFM. For a callow youth with a woolies electric guitar these things were alien and unattainable. The Feelgoods blew onto the scene with a refreshing stripped down dynamism and attitude that had me hooked – and that guitarist! How did he do all that? I’d read about them in MM and NME, but to witness them via the cathode ray tube was a different matter. Life changed then, with an “I could do that” moment (not that I ever have been able to – but it seemed more likely than owning mellotrons and minimoogs).
Well many years down the line, the show makes the Feelgoods look normal, and it’s the audience that look weird! But hey, look at Wilko’s wired barely controlled frenzy! And even more compelling, Lee Brilleaux’s man-on-the-edge of-psychosis look and attitude.
Great band.
Great music.
Great times.

The footage on the DVD is better quality!
Now all we need is the footage from the same show of Chilli WIlli and the Red Hot Peppers! (and even Jack The Lad!).

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