Recording The Beatles – Kevin Ryan and Brian Kehew

Just spent an hour or so dipping in to this mighty tome. Essential for any Beatle Geek, I reckon this is the book I’d take to my desert island along with a bunch of Beatles discs, it’s just such a huge and comprehensive book it will take an age to get through! Lots of interviews with the relevant individuals have obviously taken place, Norman Smith, Geoff Emerick and other engineers, Tape Ops etc. Each item of studio gear the fabs may have used is detailed and dissected, along with the studio instruments and the studios themselves. Coupled with Andy Babiuk’s Beatles Gear and Lewishon’s Complete Beatles recording Sessions, this gives as comprehensive picture of the Boys’ recording life as its possible to get.

Spacious and will easily accommodate four-piece band.

Marvel at the choice of overhead drum mic! Wonder at the creative use of mic patterns to avoid spillage! Be amazed (and bore your friends and readers) at the differences between different generations of Redd Mixing desks!

Get yer feet down Lennon! Don't you know that REDD desk is as iconic as you!

Be a pub quiz genius on the differences of ALtec and Lockwood monitors (and which engineer preferred which!).
God knows how much time this took to assemble – but it was worth it!

The Quietus At Abbey Road from theQuietus on Vimeo.

Check out this video with our heroes at “the greatest rock shrine of all”Ⓒ CSpoon 2012.

If you want to know what part this played in rock history - you need this book!

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