The Day Aberystwyth Stood Still – Malcolm Pryce

The latest instalment in the Aberystwyth series featuring private eye Louis Knight – this time Louis and sidekick Calamity Jane have to deal with aliens, the mysterious Raspiwtin (just who is he?) at the same time as dealing with threats from outgoing Mayor Preseli Watkins who has had word from his soothsayer that Knight will soon be interfering in his private business. The story soon appears to spin out of control (as usual) as Louis makes his a=way round the murky underbelly of this alternate version of the Welsh coast and environs. All the usual suspects are present and on form, Sospan the philosophical ice-cream merchant has newer more sinister mind-bending flavours for his special customers to try, Eeyore still has his donkeys, and there is a welcome return for (former) sadistic PE teacher Herod Jenkins in a new role.
There is the usual conflict between Knight and his young assistant, this time over the veracity of the accounts concerning the Welsh Roswell- Ystrad Meurig, and the trusworthiness of the members of a bizarre religious cult. As ever, there is the possibility of romance, this time with the beautiful Miaow, and Louis gets beaten up yet again (!) by the sinister forces of authority. As you progress through the tangle of plotlines and red-herrings all seems lost, but Pryce skilfully ties everything together in the final few pages.
Overall then, a satisfying addition to the collection, and stronger I think than the last one – a welcome return to form. I look forward to the next!

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