Great Langdale

Great Langdale, with Pike o' Stickle centre

Something from 1987 apparently (!) that I found whilst rummaging. I do remember this one, and remember being quite pleased with it. It is a splendid spot, with the magnificent Pike o’ Stickle towering up in the centre. The viewpoint for this was the ridge just above Blea Tarn looking north(ish).

Wiki says –

Pike of Stickle, also known as Pike O’ Stickle, reaches a height of 709 metres (2,326 feet). The rearward slopes show evidence of the Pavey Ark Member, pebbly sandstone and breccia. The Langdale face displays several strata, from the top The Lingmell Formation, Crinkle Member and Bad Step Tuff. These are composed, respectively, of tuff, lapilli-tuff and breccia; rhyolitic tuff and breccia; and rhyolitic lava-like tuff.

Isn’t geology wonderful – poetry!

There is a bit more of this – it’s a panorama, but I couldn’t fit it all on the scanner… so..

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